Words behind works.

And Some Afterwords.

About CcThu


This project was originally made for the cTodo, for the reason that the original THU-Learn-Lib and Thu-Info-Lib are too large for a simple plugin (In fact, the cheerio is considered as a server package. In other words, we build a local server when using them) and they are not well compatible and efficient. So I decided to build a new API server that can be easily used in any project.

As you may gauss, this project has referred many of the Thu-Learn-Lib and Thu-Info-Lib, and I have set them as the co-contributors of this project, :).


Maybe you have notice that the mini project is released under the GPL-3.0-only license. Yep, after i considered that this might make adverse impact on the competition between students, I've decided to force this part of this to be open sourced by users and modders (although this is more of a moral requirement).

My original intention is to serve myself and serve everyone at the same time. The resources available are simply terrible as you can see. I have no intention / requirement of caring about competition.



人类Thu. stu. 一败涂地,网络学堂的编码大概还是 GBK。